Jun 1 11

Menlo Charity Horse Show and Equestrian Connect

This is our second year working with Equestrian Connect to streamline our entry process for the Menlo Charity Horse Show.

The Menlo premium book and entry form will be available on equestrianconnect.com at the exact time they are available at menlohorseshow.com on Monday, June 6. Exhibitors tell us they are able to complete entry forms in minutes and we want to make that available to Menlo exhibitors…. knowing how much we all love doing entries.

Last year, we received 350 entry forms created by Equestrian Connect! That’s 70% of our total entries. The office staff was thrilled, it substantially reduced the time you had to spend in the office during check-in.

We would like to encourage you to use Equestrian Connect. The service will be free for Menlo Charity Horse Show entry forms. If you are not a member, the service will be free for an introductory 90 days so you can use it for other shows also. We suggest you try it, and believe you will be convinced of its value.

For those of you that already use Equestrian Connect – Thank you!


Betsy Glikbarg
President Menlo Charity Horse Show
Atherton, California

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