Jun 16 11

Jump Del Mar Streamlines Entry Process with Equestrian Connect

We are pleased to announce that we will be working with Equestrian Connect to streamline our entry process for the Del Mar Fall Series and Sacramento International shows this fall.

As we all know, creating entry forms is an unnecessarily time consuming process. We know you don’t like filling them out, but have you ever tried to read what comes into the show office?

Equestrian Connect offers a solution to that. Many of you use the service or have at least heard about it. It is now a national service, with over 4500 people participating, and 700 shows posted on the site. For California “A” shows, an average of 200 entry forms are created through Equestrian Connect. For the Del Mar National in May, we received over 200 entries completed with Equestrian Connect.

We’d like to encourage even more people to use the service. You get the benefit of quickly and easily filling out forms. We get readable entries, making for fewer corrections and less time spent at check-in. At Jump Del Mar, we are committed to looking at ways to leverage technology and streamline operations. Equestrian Connect is an important step in that process. It frees up staff time to focus on continually enhancing your horse show experience.

For those of you that aren’t yet Equestrian Connect customers — sign up for the service and start using it now. The service is free for an introductory 90 days to give you the opportunity to assess the service. I believe you will be convinced of its value. My staff and I look forward to your support and making the entry process easier and faster for our fall shows.

For those of you that already use Equestrian Connect – thank you.


Dale Harvey
Del Mar, California

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