Jul 12 11

WIHS Entries Made Easy

We are pleased to announce that we will be working, for the second year, with Equestrian Connect to streamline our entry process for both the WIHS Regional Horse Show and the Washington International Horse Show this fall.

Because we both see the show from slightly different perspectives (as a show manager and a show secretary) we were pleased to see that the Equestrian Connect system worked so well last year. For us, it solves one of the show office’s major dilemmas — hard to read and often incomplete entries.

Equestrian Connect is a web service that provides exhibitors a quick and easy way to complete entry forms online, then print, sign and mail them to the show office.

Equestrian Connect was started by two horse show competitors on the West Coast in 2010 and is now a national service, with more than 4,500 participating people, and over 700 USEF shows posted on the site.

We are aware many of you already may be using their service in 2011. For those of you who are not yet using Equestrian Connect, we would like to encourage you to consider using their service for our shows. Their service is free for an introductory 90 days to provide you the opportunity to assess the service and benefit using it for other shows.

We both look forward to your support and making the entry process easier, faster and better for you, for us, and our industry. To learn more, you may go to the Equestrian Connect website at equestrianconnect.com.

Thank you for considering using the Equestrian Connect online entry system for the WIHS shows this fall.

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