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Submit Your Menlo Charity Horse Show entries on June 4, 2012

To our valued exhibitors,

We are thrilled to announce the 2012 Menlo Charity Horse Show will be accepting electronic entries submitted through Equestrian Connect. We are committed to enhancing our exhibitor services, and know that you will appreciate our streamlined entry process, which now eliminates the need for printing and overnight delivery services. In an effort to reduce paper flow and entries sent via mail, I want to encourage you to submit your entries electronically. All entries are date and time stamped when you submit them electronically and will be received accordingly. We anticipate 2012 to be an over sold year. There is a lot of excitement with the new footing for the grand prix field and beautiful new jumps for the main hunter ring.

Equestrian Connect is FREE for all Menlo entries plus Equestrian Connect has agreed to help set up an account for you by June 1, 2012 during their normal business hours at no cost to you either. If you are interested please contact them at requesting assistance or sign up on your own at For data entry support please allow 5 business days.

Equestrian Connect is a web-based entry service for doing horse show entries to over 800 shows nationally and Canada. This is our third year working with them. In past years, the service made entries more efficient by centrally storing your entry data, so completing the entries took minutes, rather than hours. However, you still had to print and mail the forms to the show office. This year, you can now submit the entries electronically via Equestrian Connect, with just a click of button.

Again, we strongly encourage you to use Equestrian Connect to streamline your entry process and help reduce the paper flow for Menlo Charity Horse Show. We believe it will save all of us time and money by submitting your entries online and not physically mailing them. If you prefer to hand write your entries, the entry form and prize book with be available to download on Menlo’s website at Either way we look forward to seeing you at Menlo in August. Online entries will be available, June 4, 2012 at 9 a.m. PDT.


Betsy Glikbarg
Menlo Charity Horse Show

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