Jul 5 12

Why can’t I view the entry form I created?

There are two reasons you might not be able to view the entry form you created.

(1) On Windows, you will need to install Adobe Reader to view, print and save the entry forms. Get Adobe Reader for free at Adobe.com. On Mac OS, you can use the pre-installed Preview application.

(2) You must have pop-up windows enabled in your browser. Most browsers have a setting that disables allow pop-ups (i.e. a Pop-Up Blocker). We recommend that you set your browser to accept only Equestrian Connect to minimize other unwanted pop-ups. To change the settings, follow the steps for the browser you use:

  • Safari: Select “Safari” menu > Preferences > Security. Uncheck “Block pop-up windows”.
  • Internet Explorer: Select “Tools” menu > Pop-Up Blocker > Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker.
  • Embedded Pop-Up Blockers: If you have set your browser to accept Equestrian Connect and are still being ask to disable Pop-Up Blockers, check your browser to see if Google is part of your browser’s tool bar. If so, on the far right of the screen is either a “wrench” icon or a setting tab. Click on it and go to options, Uncheck “Pop-Up Blockers”.

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