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Send In Your Horse Show Entries Easily, Electronically, and On-Time with Equestrian Connect

Equestrian Connect, the one-minute horse show entry service, is pleased to announce that they will be providing electronic submission capability for exhibitors at multiple winter show circuits this season, including the Jacksonville Winter Series, Pensacola Winter Series, Gulf Coast Winter Series, the HITS Winter Circuits in Ocala, and the HITS Desert Circuit in Thermal. This is the first time that Equestrian Connect has offered electronic submissions in the first quarter of the year. Equestrian Connect has also incorporated new features to help large barns and sales operations.

Horse Show entries for the Jacksonville Winter Circuit are due December 28, so fill out your forms today! Entries for the first three weeks of HITS Ocala (Unrated and USEF Local Days) and HITS Thermal I though VII entries close on January 2. Entries for the first week of the Gulf Coast Winter Classic are due January 14.

Jacksonville Winter Series Encourages Electronic Entries

Equestrian Connect hosts more than 800 USEF “A/AA” rated shows across the country, plus 30+ Canadian horse shows. Equestrian Connect’s web-based entry service works with PCs, Macs, and iPhones, can produce printable entries for any horse show, and eliminates the need for trainers and exhibitors having to mail entries to the show office or FedEx them at the last minute. Equestrian Connect electronic entry submission can now be used for those showing at the Jacksonville Winter Series, where entries are due this Friday. Horse shows can then notify exhibitors that their entries have been received, wait list status, and if they are missing information.

At the Jacksonville Winter Series, horse show secretary Alexis Newman recognized “what a time and money saving service it would be” for their exhibitors. Newman has up to eight shows at a time that use Equestrian Connect (including the Jacksonville Winter Series, North Florida Fall Series, SouthEast Medal Finals, and their North Florida one-day schooling shows) and recommends that exhibitors use the Equestrian Connect service.

Streamlining the horse show entry process is what Equestrian Connect does best – no matter who fills out the forms, they arrive at the horse show neatly typed, legible, and with full information.

While there are other companies that offer similar services, Newman believes that Equestrian Connect offers the best service. She explained, “The level of service Equestrian Connect offers is really unsurpassed. They will input your profile/customer information for you, which is absolutely unheard of and so invaluable! What a great service to customers. And then there is the free trial period. What more can you ask for, and what’s not to like?”

Updated Features for Trainers and Exhibitors

Equestrian Connect provides owners, riders, and trainers a one-stop place to create entries for Hunter/Jumper shows across the country. Whether it’s your amateur entry at a show or your 80 clients competing in Ocala, Equestrian Connect helps make the entry process easy, fast, and precise.

Bibby Farmer Hill of Don Stewart Stables has the unenviable task of keeping track of up to 100 horses and even more riders at horse shows throughout the year. By switching to Equestrian Connect this season, she has not only made one part of her job easier, but has helped Equestrian Connect improve their service.

Being a sales barn, Hill found that she needed a way to adjust her entries to add or change rider names. Equestrian Connect helped her gain the ability to customize entry blanks. Hill said, “They had such helpful customer service. I had concerns with how we could do things like rider changes on entry blanks. They listened to my concerns and made accomodations for those concerns, and now I can use the service without any trouble. As much as they listened to me, it was good input to them for their service too.”

Amanda Steege of Ashmeadow Farm has used Equestrian Connect for her stable’s entries for more than two years. Her secretary loves the ease of use of the service. Steege said, “You can fill out information once and have it correct for all year. It saves a lot of time and saves on errors. You have to be so careful and it’s easy to put a wrong number for someone and then points don’t count. If you do it once and edit it well, then you know it will all be right for the whole year.”

Classic Company Accepts Entries Electronically through Equestrian Connect

Bob Bell, President and Founder of the Classic Company, produces world-class equestrian competitions in four states at six venues during 20 weeks of the year. The Classic Company and the Gulf Coast Classic Company are proud to have Equestrian Connect continue as an Official Service Provider for all Classic events in 2013.

Bell sees the value in the speed of electronic submissions at his shows. He expressed, “One minute! That’s all it takes to submit your entries online. And, the Classic Company stands behind any service that makes horse showing more enjoyable for our exhibitors – less time writing out entries makes for more time with your horses and clients. Entries are legible, which makes our reports more accurate.”

He added, “So many times I get calls from exhibitors telling me that it is the night before their entries are due – what can they do? Using Equestrian Connect will enable them to complete entries for one to a hundred horses, on time! The cost is nominal and I highly recommend it to all exhibitors and horse show managers. Their service is invaluable.”

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