Jul 3 12

I just bought a new horse. How do I transfer it in Equestrian Connect from the previous owner?

Please send us an email at info@equestrianconnect.com informing us of your purchase, and requesting that change. Please include your name, email address and NRHA number, the name and NRHA number for your horse, and the name and NRHA number (if you know it) of the previous owner and trainer.

Jul 3 12

I want to remove myself from a trainer’s account, or retain control of my own data, even if my trainer entered me to start with. What do I do?

Please send us an email at info@equestrianconnect.com requesting that change.  Please include your name, email and NRHA number, and the same information for the related owner of the account.

Jul 3 12

How do I remove a person or horse from my account?

To remove a person or horse from your account, click the “X” icon next to their name on your My EqConnect page. The person or horse will remain in the general member list. To have a person or horse permanently deleted, contact us at info@equestrianconnect.com. Please include the person or horse’s name and NRHA number.

Jul 3 12

I tried to add a person or horse, but someone with that NRHA number is already in the system. What do I do?

If the system tells you that, most likely someone else has already entered the horse or person in Equestrian Connect. You may still add that person to your account. Use the “Find Person” button to locate the person, then add them to your My EqConnect.

Jul 3 12

Who can make changes to the people and horses stored in Equestrian Connect?

Equestrian Connect only permits one account holder to edit a person or horse. Typically, the person who added the person or horse to the system has the ability to make edits.

In many cases, a trainer creates an Equestrian Connect account and enters and maintains all the pertinent data for his clients.

Or, individual clients my enter and maintain their people and horses using their own accounts, and share the information with their trainer by adding the trainer to their My People list.

Jul 3 12

Who is able to view the personal data I store for myself and the people I add to My EqConnect?

You control who is able to view the personal data you store in Equestrian Connect. For each person you store in the the system, use the privacy settings to determine who can view your contact information, address, and birthday.

Tax id numbers and credit card numbers that you store in Equestrian Connect can be viewed only by you, and by show managers who receive your electronic entries.

Privacy Settings

When you create or edit a person’s record in Equestrian Connect, use the Privacy settings to determine who can view your contact information, address, and birthday.

  • Do Not Share: only you can view this information.
  • Share with Everyone: all Equestrian Connect users can view this information.
  • Share with People in MyEqConnect: only you and the people in your My People list can view this information. Typically, these are the riders, owners and trainers you work with.
Jul 3 12

Can I change my user name and password?

To change your password, go to www.westernentries.com and click “Forgot your password or username?” You will be asked to provide your username, email address, and/or NRHA number.

Your username cannot be changed.

Jul 2 12

How do I enable pop-up windows in my web browser?

You must have pop-up windows enabled in your browser. Most browsers have a setting that disables allow pop-ups (i.e. a Pop-Up Blocker). We recommend that you set your browser to accept only Equestrian Connect to minimize other unwanted pop-ups. To change the settings, follow the steps for the browser you use:

  • Safari: Select “Safari” menu > Preferences > Security. Uncheck “Block pop-up windows”.
  • Internet Explorer: Select “Tools” menu > Pop-Up Blocker > Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker.
  • Embedded Pop-Up Blockers: If you have set your browser to accept Equestrian Connect and are still being ask to disable Pop-Up Blockers, check your browser to see if Google is part of your browser’s tool bar. If so, on the far right of the screen is either a “wrench” icon or a setting tab. Click on it and go to options, Uncheck “Pop-Up Blockers”.
Jul 1 12

What software program do I need to view, save and print entry forms?

On Windows, you will need to install Adobe Reader to view, print and save the entry forms. Get Adobe Reader for free at Adobe.com. On Mac OS, you can use the pre-installed Preview application.