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Getting Started

BEFORE you can enter shows, you must first add all the relevant information for the owners, trainers, riders and horses you are working with. Simply:

  1. Add People
  2. Add Horses
  3. Add Credit Cards (optional)
  4. Create Show Entries

1. Add People

GSG Add People 1.1

Click the People button, then click Add Person. Complete the form and save.

You can list up to five association numbers of your choice.

Use the Privacy settings to determine who can view your contact information, address, and birthday.

  • Do Not Share: only you can view this information.
  • Share with Everyone: all Equestrian Connect users can view this information.
  • Share with People in MyEqConnect: only you and the people in your My People list can view this information. Typically, these are the riders, owners and trainers you work with.
NOTE: If the Person you want to use has already been added to Equestrian Connect by another user, you can still Find the person and add them to your My People list.
GSG Add People 2

2. Add Horses

GSG Add Horses 1

Click the Horses button, then click Add Horse. Complete the form and save.

Select the default Owner from your My People list. You can change these selections when you create a show entry.

NOTE: If the Horse you want to use has already been added to Equestrian Connect by another user, you can still Find the horse and add to to your My Horses list.
GSG Add to My Horses

3. Add Credit Cards (Optional)

You can securely store credit card information to include with your entries. Go to My EqConnect > My Account > Credit Cards.

GSG Add CC 1


GSG Add CC 2

4. Create Entries

On Windows, you will need to install Adobe Reader to view, print and save the entry forms. Get Adobe Reader for free at On Mac OS, you can use the pre-installed Preview application.

Also, you must have pop-up windows enabled in your browser. See the Frequently Asked Questions page for details.

  1. Click the Shows button, then find the show you want to enter from the zone list. Click Create Entries to begin.
  2. Select one or more horses from your My Horses list to enter in the show.
  3. Review or change the Owner, Trainer, Rider and Payee for each horse.
  4. Select classes for each horse.
  5. Download your completed entry forms as a PDF file.

GSG Create Entries 1


GSG Create Entries 2


GSG Create Entries 3


GSG Create Entries 4


GSG Create Entries 5


GSG Create Entries 6